At Double R Restaurant Group, we're passionate about giving back. That means we believe in taking care of our own and supporting the neighborhoods we serve.




To provide financial support to team members of Double R Restaurant Group and their immediate families when faced with life’s unexpected obstacles that occur through no fault of their own.



  • "On April 29, 2017 my husband was informed that he had a 4cm x 6cm glioma tumor on the right frontal lobe of his brain.  On May 5, 2017 they operated to remove the tumor, but were unable to get all of it, so now we are following up with radiation and chemotherapy.  The operation affected the left side of my husband’s body, which is slowly improving, but will be a long road.

    During the time between the discovery and surgery, the Double R team started a collection for us.  I was speechless and grateful that this was being done!  This gesture allowed me to concentrate on my husband and not worry about the days I was missing from work and the many months of work he would be missing.  Words cannot describe the many emotions that I felt and the relief it gave my husband before his surgery.  I am lucky to have the support of Double R at our time of need and I cannot say thank you enough.”
    -Stephanie Cramer, Clearwater, FL

  • "On Sept. 3, 2014, we were informed that our home was on fire. We both raced home not knowing what the outcome would be- not knowing if one of our kids was in the house or not.  All we could do was pray that he was at school playing football.  We got there and everything was totally lost. We were notified our son was safe at school and the others were already with my sister.  We walked into a place that was once home and now saw everything totally gone.  Looking at each other we wondered where to go from there and how to explain to our kids that they wouldn’t be able to return home or how to tell a little boy his beloved pet had died.  But our Double R family was there to support us through it all with a collection raised throughout the company to help put us back on our feet.  Most of all, we will never forget the love and support that our Double R Family has given us.  Double R will always be family.  And one thing about family, family always stick together.  I am very grateful to have had the support and love of my Double R Family.” 
    -Marcelina Owens, Home Office, Lafayette, LA 
  • "In the summer of 2016, the Naples team held a car wash in the parking lot to raise money for the Double R flood victims in Louisiana.  Our TM, Michelle Logan, was with the team that day assisting in the charity event. It was full of energy and passion to pay forward the values we exhibit every day. That day the team raised over $100 dollars during the event for our team in Baton Rouge!  I am excited about this new Family First program, and I think it shows our true colors not only as a company but as a family!”
    – Chris Gormley, General Manager, Naples, FL

Family First Fund




Employee Contributions Matched

Family First Fund



Requirements for Eligibility

Applicant must be a current associate of Double R and have been employed for a minimum of 1 year


Qualifying Events

Disaster emergencies include "qualified disasters” such as hurricanes or widespread flooding which affects communities and large groups of people

Requirements for Eligibility

Disaster emergencies include "qualified disasters” such as hurricanes or widespread flooding which affects communities and large groups of people

Hardship emergencies are unexpected, unavoidable emergency crisis events that cause a financial hardship interfering with the basic needs (e.g. life-threatening illness; death of a family member; catastrophic event; etc.) that are not otherwise covered by another source, such as insurance. Hardship emergencies typically affect individuals singularly

Event must have taken place while an employee with Double R

Application Process

All applications must be sent online with appropriate supporting documentation by visiting www.cfacadiana.org/DoubleREERF

Once submitted, all applications will be reviewed by an anonymous third-party who will decide if funds are granted based on set criteria

After applying, all applicants will receive communication on the decision for their funding within 2 weeks

Process to Donate and Support

All Double R employees have the option to donate via paycheck deduction as frequently as they would like in any dollar amount they choose


All donations are tax deductible and will be matched in full by Double R


100% of all funds donated go directly to building the fund

Become A Donor

Supporting our own is at the heart of our culture. Consider becoming a donor!